Adelante Intern and Study Abroad
Semester Study in San Jose, Costa Rica


  • Semester 2015: $7,395 
  • Non-refundable application fee: $150



12 Week Trimesters

Winter Trimester 2015:

  • January 3rd - March 28th

Spring Trimester 2015:

  • April 4th - June 27th
Fall Trimester 2015:
  • September 26th - December 19th




Winter Trimester: October 24th, 2014

Spring Trimester: January 23rd, 2015

Fall Trimester: July 17th, 2015



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Late applications are accepted on a case by case basis and are subject to a $250 late fee.


Frequently Asked Questions
Costa Rica Costa Rica



Semester Study in San Jose, Costa Rica

Semester Study Program in San Jose

Up to 16 total credit hours

Study Spanish at the International Department of a private University, founded in 1991, in San Jose, Costa Rica. The University, in its native curriculum, specializes in Design, Architecture and Art. In its Spanish exchange program, intense language immersion, combined with creative assignments and curriculum, guarantees significant strides in acquisition of the Spanish language.

Program A offers different courses for all levels of Spanish, in grammar and conversation, based on the use of authentic and practical contexts in order to facilitate the acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students are coached in the analysis of linguistic and extra-linguistic elements during the reading and writing practices. All levels evaluate oral, listening, reading and writing assignments. Class sizes are small with 10 maximum for Spanish classes and 15 for elective classes.

Program B offers courses in classes for advanced speakers only, as you will be studying alongside Costa Ricans or "Ticos"; this ensures total integration into the University culture. The University is located close to the center of the city of San Jose, serving a university community of approximately 1600 members. 35% of the student body is international.


  • University Registration & Tuition
  • Books & Materials
  • Orientation consisting of: Placement exam, guides & rules to home stay program, Do's and Don'ts in San Jose, explanation of elective course schedule, safety issues & culture shock, fear & expectations sessions.
  • 4 Classes. PROGRAM A: 3 Spanish classes and  1 Elective class OR 1 Spanish class and 3 Elective classes (See Program A tab for Course Descriptions) PROGRAM B: 4 University Courses (See Program B tab for Course Descriptions)
  • University transcripts
  • Housing with a Costa Rican family
  • 2 Meals per day
  • Come with a friend and live together during your time in Costa Rica.
  • Airport Pickup
  • English speaking Adelante staff on campus

Prices do not include additional meals, personal items and personal travel.

** Students who receive scholarships, financial aid and loans for their studies at home may also apply those to study in this program **


  • PROGRAM A is based on intensive Spanish courses and humanities courses including communication, international business, economics, Latin American and Costa Rican literature and multicultural studies. Students come from Canada, USA, Scandinavia, Western Europe and Asia
  • PROGRAM B has a Design, Arts and Architectural focus, including course work in graphic design, interior design, product design, photography, marketing and public relations.
  • Semester program - 3 months for PROGRAM A; 4 months for PROGRAM B
  • Students take a full academic load of 12 to 16 core semester hours in an American university system
  • Credits are fully transferable to a student's home institution
  • The language exchange program enables foreign students to have contact with Costa Rican students to practice their Spanish and make friends
  • Housing program with Costa Rican families interested in receiving exchange students in their homes
  • Independent Living Option: Available after first month in country. (Ask about terms and price reduction.)
  • Free tropical dance lessons once a week
  • Soccer team games (co-ed)
  • Conversation Partner program with Costa Rican Students-"Intercambios"
  • Typical Latin American food cooking lessons
  • Museum, Artisans Market and other visits
  • Excursions organized to beaches, volcanoes and rainforest (small fee required, attendance optional)