FAQs for Summer and Fall 2020 Intern and Study Abroad Programming

(As of March 10,2020)

What programs are available for Summer and Fall 2020?

Currently, all Adelante Abroad programs for Mid May, June, July and Fall 2020 are still accepting applicants – we have softened deadlines given all the attention and changing information available to the public and are open and operating as normal (with increased health and safety precautions being taken in each location). If you are concerned with the current location you applied for, we would more than be happy to explore transferring your program application to another program Adelante Abroad offers.

All Summer Programs


When would Adelante Abroad cancel or suspend a program?

At Adelante Abroad, we aim to maintain standard operations for the upcoming Summer and Fall terms that are still running. Since the start of this evolving situation, we at Adelante Abroad have expressed our student-based focus and commitment to guide our decisions with a steady and measured direction through this global event.  We will cancel a program if one of our program countries either closes entry to United States or has prolonged interruptions to services provided. While candidates are abroad in an existing program, we will leave it up to each candidate and their family whether to stay or return home.


What are the facts about the corona virus (COVID-19)?

Please see our COVID-19 Fact Sheet here.


What if my Adelante Abroad Intern or Study Abroad program is cancelled prior to my departure from the US?

Like most companies in education abroad industry, during this time we are committed to extreme flexibility for both applications and payment deadlines as the situation unfolds. If any program is canceled prior to departure, accepted students will be given the option to either:

o Be granted a deferral by Adelante Abroad to a future program session;

o Receive credit toward another available Adelante Abroad program country

(In this case, students are subject to any and all policies and qualifications required of the new program).

What if my Adelante Abroad program is cancelled after my departure from the US?

If the program is canceled after the departure date, we will transfer your trip into travel credit for future programs. Alternate location options for continuance and/or completion of program will be explored.


What is the refund policy of a student voluntarily withdraws from a program?

A student who has chosen to withdraw from an Adelante Abroad program, without it being cancelled by Adelante Abroad or our partners abroad, will be subject to the published, standard Refund Policy. You can find this refund policy located here.