Healthcare internships abroad

Healthcare Internships Abroad

Adelante Abroad has many internships available in the healthcare sector including: nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, emergency room, physical therapy, surgery, and more!

Various Healthcare Sectors Abroad

Every possible medical field is offered:

  • Pediatrics
  • Women’s ward and a Men’s ward
  • Emergency Room
  • Cardiology and Pathology
  • Surgery center
  • Dermatology
  • Physical Therapy and Kinesiology internships

Work is hands on, shadowing – or a better description would be, side-by-side working with – both doctors and nurses and lab techs. Think intake, removing stitches, helping with patient records, minor suturing, giving shots / vaccinations, inserting an IV, assist during operations,  and whatever else comes up in the day of a physician or nurse –  inclusive and not to be repetitive, but very hands-on placements here.

Nursing Internships Abroad

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Medical, Nursing, and Healthcare Internships

Emergency Room Internships Abroad

This internship will provide the candidate the opportunity to shadow a nurse or a doctor, visiting patients in a major medical center or local clinic. Initially, the candidate will do minor tasks associated with patients and patient care, and will be given more responsibility once his/her capacity is determined. For some, this will be mostly observation.

For others, this can be the realization of medical duties. Logically, much depends on the candidate, their level of Spanish, past internships, etc. This is an amazing opportunity to experience first-hand how the medical profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ in Europe as compared to the United States.

For nursing internships abroad, interns work with nursing staff in Clinicas, Hospitals, Community Centers and School Nursing offices.

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Speech Therapy Internships Abroad

Participate in medical sessions and work with speech therapists to assist children and elderly patients who require special assistance and treatment at an Audiology Clinic in central Seville. A great opportunity for medical students wishing to gain experience in Spain.

Psychology Internships Abroad

MADRID: Positions are available with a prestigious, award winning and published psychologist. Our doctors offer internship possibilities for those looking to take part in a private practice assisting patients struggling with  stress, mental abnormalities, marital conflicts, family issues and more.  This internship requires prior studies in the psychology sector and a high-intermediate level of Spanish.

ECUADOR: We offer various psychology placements in the following organizations:

  • Placements in the Women’s Rights group rely heavily each day on Psychologists to serve their population – intern directly under  and for a Psychologist
  • The work required in the Street Children’s program is also good internship experience for psychology students – learn how this culture treats this population
  • The Hospital that accepts our Medical interns, in Ambato, also has a Psychology office to provide services to that Municipality in Ecuador – interns will work directly under and for a Psychologist here too, and see how this sector functions in a large Hospital setting

SCOTLAND: Research placements at a major university in Edinburgh are available for psychology students interested in eyewitness identification, forensic studies and visual-spatial working memory relating to short term retention and manipulation of information.

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Pharmacy Internships Abroad

Pharmacy internships abroad include working in a locally owned and run pharmacy, interning for a pharmaceutical company, or working for a Public Health organization, to name a few.  Pharmacy placements mean candidates will attend to the public, help Spanish pharmacists diagnose and then dispense medicine, and assist Doctors on staff.

Public Health internships for pharmacy majors include, for example, working for organizations on Nutrition projects or for Free Clinics that advocate sexual health and offer free testing. These Pharmacy internship placements in Spain require at least a low-intermediate level of Spanish and studies in the medical, nursing, or pharmaceutical fields.

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Pharmacy Internships Abroad

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