How It Works

Program Process

Now that you’ve decided to intern abroad, let’s talk about next steps.

Adaeze in Museum - Intern in Seville - Adelante Abroad

Step 1:

Research program cities and internship fields. Read Reviews. Call (our favorite) or write to us with questions. You can also contact us via Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Step 2:

Complete the straightforward online application form and remember to read the Instructions Page.

Step 3:

Start working with the Adelante Abroad team of experts. We will schedule a phone or Skype interview with you. This step is important. During the interview, we will go over your program goals in detail and figure out if there is a good fit. If there is, then we will guarantee your internship placement.

Conner with Homestay - Internships in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad

Step 4:

We’ve found a company abroad for you! Next, we select your apartment as we don’t want you to have a long commute to your internship.  Learn both where you are interning and where you are living long before your program start date.

Step 5:

Go abroad! All programs include a private car service that will pick you up at the airport and transfer you directly to your housing in the city.

What’s Included In Our Internship Abroad & Study Abroad Programs

  • Customized Service

    We emphasize getting to know each of our candidates for an optimum placement abroad. Couple that with long standing international contacts and industry-wide record-low staff turnover, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We have a plethora of experience building independent programs.

  • Affordable Programs

    Both our Internship Abroad and Study Abroad Programs are the cheapest you’ll find, period.  Sometimes, we are literally 100% less than a competitor program.  Go check, it is easy to confirm this.

  • Accommodations / Housing

    Enjoy your own private room in a shared apartment with other Adelante candidates and international students or bring a friend from home to live with you. Some programs include dorm style living, on campus. Home stay options are available in some program cities, where you can live with a host family and enjoy 2 meals a day and weekly laundry service. 

  • Spanish Language Course

    Two or three weeks of intensive Spanish language class and orientation is included in your program (for our Spanish speaking destinations, of course). For the Study Abroad programs, two (Summer Abroad) to five (Semester Abroad) courses are included in the economical price.

  • Academic Credit

    For the Intern Abroad program, nearly every candidate who has desired academic credit has been able to obtain it successfully. University processes vary, and Adelante is accustomed to helping students navigate the various requirements to secure credit for their contacted hours in their internship. Study Abroad programs provide fully transferable, signed & sealed transcripts upon successful completion.