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Fall Internships in Mexico

Calling all artists! Gain international experience & live abroad.

We feel that any art platform will be enhanced when the artist creating it has international experiences.  Intern for both independent and larger galleries, being a docent if your Spanish is good enough.

For hands on art work, some of our programs have interns actually assisting a Photographer, Sculptor or Textile worker abroad. A front office favorite are our Arts Education placements which enable an artist to both create and teach, working with children in after school settings or in non profits offering coursework to underserved populations. (A past candidate painted a mural on a Chilean alley wall with a group of at-risk teenagers, as a final internship project, that is still there today!) Almost all of the cities where Adelante Abroad operates offer Arts internships of some sort. We guarantee an art international internship will give you the career and travel experience of a lifetime. Click on the apply now button or view program details in the links below.