Environmental, Horticulture & Ecology Internships Abroad

Interested in Environmental Studies, Horticulture, or Ecology Internships? Love to Travel? We have programs just for you.

Adelante Abroad offers Ecology, Environmental, and Horticulture Internships Abroad, where candidates will travel and gain real international work experience. Think… Wind power in Madrid, solar energy in Chile, turtle conservation in Uruguay, a non-profit that advocates for lower energy consumption in Barcelona… these are examples of customized placements in this important field.

Rocky Shore Investigation - Ecology in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Ecology Programs in Scotland

For ecology programs, we offer Observation & Research assignments in Scotland (Summer only); keep in mind these placements are limited (sometimes we only have 2-3 spots per program), so apply early! Salt marsh sampling, sewage sludge trials, crop yields and environmental mitigation internships are available in Edinburgh. Horticulture internships in a historic landmark park are available in the Scottish Highlands.

For Study abroad, in Scotland only, go with a group on an intensive, hands-on Ecology and Habitat management four-week summer study program that cannot be missed. Students will live in dorms at the Scottish Rural College, Oatridge Campus, where more than 50% of the coursework is taught in the field, out in the Scottish Highlands.

Wildlife Management - Observation and Research in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Environmental, Ecology & Horticulture Internships Abroad