Medical Internships Abroad

Gain Experience with a Medical and Healthcare Internship

Medical internships require some prior experience in the field and an intermediate level of Spanish language proficiency. Work assignments vary from country to country and range in specialties including shadowing a surgeon (variety of specialties), nursing, physical therapy/OT, emergency room placements, geriatric, vaccination clinics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Depending on what country you choose, you will be able to shadow a physician, gain experience in the emergency room or work with long-term care patients. New in Ecuador, interns will float all departments in a well-run, busy Municipal Hospital in Ambato.  This is an opportunity to experience first-hand how the this profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ as compared to the United States. We hear regularly from our candidates that they are granted access to patients and allowed to assist with procedures they could never get near here, especially as undergrads.

Medical Internship in Barcelona | Adelante Abroad