Medical and Nursing Internships Abroad

Resume Build with a Medical/Healthcare or Nursing Internship Abroad

Medical and healthcare internships require some prior experience in the field and an intermediate level of Spanish language proficiency. Work assignments vary from country to country. They range in specialties including shadowing a surgeon (variety of specialties), physical therapy/OT, emergency room placements, geriatric, vaccination clinics, pharmaceuticals and more.

For nursing internships abroad, interns work with nursing staff in Clinics, Hospitals, Community Centers and School Nursing offices.

Depending on what country you choose, you will shadow a physician, gain surgical experience in the emergency room, staff the OB/GYN department or work with long-term care patients. You can take on a medical internship in Spain and work with some of the top surgeons in Europe. In Ecuador, interns will float all departments in a well-run, busy Municipal Hospital in Ambato.

In the Summer of 2018, one of our candidates, in Ecuador, worked in a hospital and rotated through the General Medicine floor, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine. They had the opportunity to observe different types of surgeries, births, and c-sections. They assisted with minor procedures and saw many disease-states that they might not encounter in the United States.

This is an opportunity to experience first-hand how this profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ as compared to the United States. We hear regularly from our candidates that they are granted access to patients and allowed to assist with procedures they could never get near here, especially as undergrads and those taking on pre-med internships abroad.

Medical & Nursing Internship
Medical Internship in Barcelona | Adelante Abroad


Adelante is a great option for those looking for an internship abroad. They provide a language course during the first two weeks, housing, and internship placement in your field. Adelante doesn’t baby their interns. Participants will leave their placement more knowledge in their field, and equipped to face the future.

Jasmine W., West Chester University, PA, USASeville

I shadowed a doctor in Madrid for around four months, and it was the most amazing time of my life. Adelante made the setup process extremely easy, and it was very affordable as well. They were very flexible and accommodating in setting up the perfect internship for me. My doctor was also amazing, and I learned much about respiratory and cardiovascular health while there. I also got a unique look into Medicine in a different culture than my own. The first two weeks of Spanish classes that Adelante provides was very helpful in getting me started. Overall a great experience thanks to Adelante, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a different experience than just taking classes abroad.

Nicholas L., Vanderbilt University, MI, USAMadrid