Work with Children
Keesha M - Social Work Internships in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad
Work with Children - Adelante Abroad

Work with children, travel, and boost your resume with an internship abroad.

Some of you have always known that your career will be working with children.  Others want to work with kids only in an abroad program like ours. Either way, these are some of our most enriching and flexible placements.  This field accepts short term and longer term interns or volunteers, and candidates with a lower level of Spanish are more readily accepted into this field.  In Madrid and Barcelona and especially Seville, you will teach kids in an academic, school setting or work in the counseling or special education office.  In Uruguay and Chile and certainly Oaxaca, throw yourself into placements that serve the under-served.  New in Quito, Ecuador, lend a much needed hand in a beautifully renovated Center in one of the worst areas of the city, for street children. Depending on what your goal is, we are confident we have the ability to place you in a meaningful international internship working with children.