Top Spring Internships Abroad 2017

Top Spring Internships - Adelante Abroad

It’s not too late to apply for a Spring internship abroad and even stay through the Summer months! The application for an internship beginning April 1st is actually February 15th, so applicants still have a chance to get a head start going abroad!

Spring in general is the best time to be abroad for an internship program for a plethora of reasons; it’s technically summer in South America, Q2 (April, May, June) is beginning for those publicly traded European companies, the crowds are far more comfortable compared to the summer months, etc. Here’s a list of some of the top programs that our candidates have been asking us about. While some of our programs have remained at the top since 2016, we have added new site locations and programs this year for new candidates and interns.

1. Event Planning Internships Abroad  (Ecuador, Spain, Uruguay)

Event planning in the spring for a number of reasons. Not only are companies gearing up for the influx of summer events but spring is a prime time for events in their own right. For example, May kicks off wedding season in Spain so the prior months will be all about getting ready, interns will definitely be needed!


2. Winery Internships Abroad (Chile)

Chile is somewhat thought of as the California of South America due to the diverse climate zones in the country. This temperate climate has lent itself to Chile becoming more prominent in the wine industry in recent years. Spring time is obviously one of the most ideal times to be among the vineyards and learning the art of fine wine making.


3. Ecology, Conservation and Horticulture Internships Abroad (Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

In this field, there are a slew of opportunities depending on what your specific interests are. Low energy consumption in Barcelona, solar power in Chile, wind power in Madrid, and soil conservation and water management in Mexico are among the options. It goes without saying spring is perhaps the best time of year to intern in a field rooted in the environment.


4. Sports Internships Abroad (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain)

For a handful of sports, the season really starts to heat up in the spring time as teams are making their push for the playoffs. The same is true in Europe, particularly in Spain. Spring time is when things get interesting in the top professional basketball and soccer leagues in Spain; Liga ACB (Liga Endesa) and LFP (Liga de Futbol Professional). Internships can be for the teams themselves or in the realm of sports marketing and community relations.


5. Fashion Internships Abroad (Spain, Uruguay)

Spring in the fashion forward cities of Barcelona and Madrid. You have opportunities to do work in design houses and with independent fashion designers. In Montevideo, Uruguay you’ll have the opportunity to intern in a high-end retail store based out of Buenos Aires with stores in Madrid, Miami as well. This is meant for an individual looking to own their own store one day and is heavy on the business/retail side of fashion.


6. Psychology & Social Work Internships Abroad (Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

There are many opportunities for interns in Psychology and Social Work. This is a particularly good program to do in the spring mainly due to the fact that most mental health professionals in Spain go on lengthy vacations in the summer. Spring is the best way to make the most of your intern experience!


7. Pharmacy Internships Abroad (Spain)

Pharmacy is an extremely popular internship placement, particularly in the summer time. Intern in pharmacy during the spring time to beat the crowds and ensure your placement! Pharmacy internships abroad are particularly valuable to do as candidates will dispense medicine and assist doctors on staff among other key responsibilities.


8. Equine Veterinary Internships Abroad (Ecuador)

This is a brand new program in our new Ecuador site. Based on Quito, you will work with a local equine veterinarian who works with horse owners all around the city and surrounding area. While the majority of work is through scheduled vet services, about 20% can include emergency procedures.

We also provide internships in animal clinics with a lead Veterinary Surgeon in Quito, where candidates can assist with assisting stray dogs and homeless animals as well as domestic pets. The lead doctor at this clinic did his undergraduate work in Houston and speaks flawless English, so even candidates with a lower level of Spanish may be considered for this placement.

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