What Your Travel Outfit Says About You

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what your travel outfit says about you

When flying we see different types of travel outfits: business, casual, and dressy. In this blog, we describe what each different outfit says about your personality. Find out which you are below.

Travel outfits by interns abroad


This travel outfit consists of either your favorite pajamas or your favorite sleep shirt and a cute pair of sweats. You are most likely wearing tennis shoes or sandals with your hair up or under a ball cap. If you wear this on your flight you like to be relaxed and don’t mind what others think of you. You’re not trying to impress anyone and you’re okay with that. Your usual day doesn’t begin by taking five hours to find the perfect outfit. You understand that flights are naturally painful so it’s best to make it as comfortable as possible. With this outfit I can bet you are going to try and sleep the whole ride.

Business Attire:

This airplane outfit is usually a suit or pencil skirt and blouse. Typically it is paired with high heels or dress shoes. Those of you who wear this outfit take work and how you present yourself seriously. Clearly, your career is a part of your personal life. The flight will be focused on preparing for the important meeting coming up soon. You are either working for a large company and travel is a main aspect of your job (first class), or, you work for an up and coming business and only travel when it is needed (economy class). Unfortunately, if you wear this outfit expect to be shifting in your seat the whole flight in hopes to find the most enjoyable position. But hey at least you’ll get a few looks.bread (not your regular sliced bread), and tomatoes.


Most of the time this wardrobe is made up of designer jeans and a nice shirt (that will most like be wrinkled at the end of the flight). This outfit shows that you truly believe in the saying “beauty is pain”. If you are focused on the way you look during a 6+ hour flight, fashion is definitely a large part of your life. You watch beauty blogs on YouTube and probably googled what to wear on your flight. Regrettably, you too are wondering why you didn’t wear sweats on the flight. At least you are dressed to impress, right?

Gym Gear:

For some reason, when you fly, you like to wear compression leggings under your gym shorts and Under Armour dry fit tees along with cross training shoes while rocking the Beats by Dre around your neck. Either you have an excessive sweating problem and need to keep the profuse perspiration under control or you are ready to crush some jumping squats immediately once you get off the plane. For the record, the former scenario is the only one that gets a pass for this outfit. Last time we checked, there isn’t a fitness center on the plane.

Travel Outfit Faux Pas:

  • Don’t be that guy or girl walking around barefoot up and down the aisles. It’s gross and no one wants to see that. Especially DON’T be that guy or girl walking in and out of the bathroom barefoot or with just socks on. We feel that’s pretty self explanatory. Sounds disgusting, but believe it or not, we’ve seen it.
  • We understand that everyone has that favorite outfit combination they love to rock. But please, don’t be that person who has been wearing the same outfit for three days straight. If you didn’t know, already it starts to smell after a while and no one wants to have to cover their nose when they sit next to you.
  • Too much cologne or perfume

For more airplane do’s and don’ts check out @passengershaming on Instagra

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