Why You Should Do An Internship Abroad After College

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There are many things you can do once you’ve graduated from college; move back home, get a job, travel, stay in the college area, and party through the summer… But for our money, the best thing you could possibly do for yourself after college is an internship abroad. Here is why you should do an internship abroad after college:


Don’t put your newly earned degree to use… at Starbucks…

Most college graduates have trouble finding jobs, especially if they weren’t working already while attending college. And even if they were working, most of these jobs are at Starbucks, retail, or waiting tables. It’s kind of unsettling how many people who have college degrees get stuck working at or staying at low-paying jobs such as these. Most companies won’t hire you for good-paying jobs without experience. The new trend is that you need the experience to get experience.  So what’s the alternative?

… work overseas in the field of your choice INSTEAD.

You want valuable experience? You can get it abroad. Do an internship in the field of your choice and gain valuable work experience in something you actually studied in college.

Your resume WILL thank you later…

Once you return home, you will have the international working experience to put on your resume and cover letter. Take it from our past candidates as well as interviews with hiring managers, your work/internship experience abroad is what will stand out on your resume. Most hiring managers say international experience is a major talking point when they interview potential candidates. Your experience abroad will not only will stand out on your resume, but it will separate you from all other candidates your competing with. Guaranteed.

… while you travel and experience the world NOW.

How many times is it possible to mix work and play in an acceptable fashion? Not many, but you definitely can when you intern abroad. During your internship abroad, you will have a brand new city, country, maybe even continent at your fingertips begging to be explored. There will be plenty of time for weekend excursions and day trips to places you’ve never experience before. (For example, most of our programs have intern schedules of 4 days a week, 4 hours a day; that’s a lot of free time to explore!). Hear from one of our recent candidates who traveled in the midst of her internship abroad:

Park Guell | Adelante Abroad

I actually took advantage of my work schedule and traveled to Vienna 2 weekends ago. This past weekend I went to Hamburg. I really enjoyed my stay there and met some really cool people. As for my internship, I have been able to experience the non-profit side of the brand and am now working in the coordination side in the commercial side. I am very happy with my choice of going through Adelante for this internship.

– Cristina A. (Sports Internship in Madrid)

There really isn’t a better time in your life to head overseas…

You’ve just graduated, you aren’t shackled by classes over the course of a quarter or semester. You likely don’t have a full-time job yet, kids to care of, a spouse, or house payments to make. For the foreseeable future, you are completely FREE. Like we said, there really isn’t a better time in your life other than now to head abroad for 2-6 months. TAKE ADVANTAGE.

… and you don’t want to regret it later.

Most of the time, whenever we travel, the number one thing from others we hear upon our return from is “Man, I wish I could travel like that” or “I wish I had done more traveling when I was younger.” Yea, you don’t want to be that person who ends up saying the same thing. You’ve got all the time in the world now, you don’t want to regret how you spent (or didn’t spend) it later.

Did we convince you on why you should do an internship abroad after college? If we did and you are interested, feel free to browse through our internship abroad programs here.


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