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Where Are They Now Kerry L | Adelante Abroad | Adelante Alum

Kerry L., Former Intern in Barcelona (2010)

From time to time, we like to catch up with our former intern and study abroad candidates. Many have used their experience with Adelante Abroad as a stepping stone onto bigger and better things in their lives. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing about how their experiences affected and impacted them. 

As I looked down at Barcelona from my window seat on the plane, I remember feeling overwhelmed by not only the incredible view below me, but also an understanding that the months ahead would change my life.

Kerry L | Adelante Abroad Alum BarcelonaDuring my two months in Catalonia’s capital, every day was an incredible learning experience and an opportunity to immerse myself in the vibrant, alluring culture of Barcelona. I cherished my commute to Interway, my internship office; walking past and gazing up at Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, riding the metro, and finally ordering my chocolate croissant and espresso before stepping into the office.  When you live and work in a foreign country, you are constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning how to adapt and succeed at the same time. This whirlwind of change transformed how I carried myself and widened my perspective of the world. 

kerry-l-barcelonaMy Spanish improved each day from persistence to practice with everyone  I interacted with: my apartment host, baristas, colleagues, as well as Spanish and other international friends I met (and still keep in touch with to this day). In addition to walking away with great confidence in my Spanish speaking abilities, I was able to design an entire promotional catalog for Interway during my time as an marketing intern.

When I arrived back in New York City, I kept my passion for travel and foreign culture, and pursued an internship position at a Travel & Tourism PR Communications firm. The defining and proudest moment of my interview was when the President looked up from scanning from resume and said “You worked in Barcelona for a few months? ¡Que interesante!” I replied “una experiencia maravillosa.” I got the internship, which ultimately lead into a full time position at the agency. A wonderful experience indeed.

I learned that nothing has brought me more joy, knowledge, and experience in life than traveling.

“To travel is to evolve” – Pierre Bernando

Kerrry L | Intern in Barcelona alum | Adelante Abroad

– Kerry L.

Then: Recent Ithaca College Graduate, Ithaca, NY 

Now: Activation Manager, J3 Studios/Universal McCann, New York, NY


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