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    Looking to intern or study abroad in FALL of ’15? Check out our featured programs in South America, deadlines are approaching!

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  • Traveling: What does it really mean?

    Current intern in Barcelona, Charles I., offers his captivating take on what it really means to travel.

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November, December Special: $200 OFF

That’s right, we’re offering $200 off all of our internship programs beginning in November and December. To be eligible for this deal, your program must be at least two months in length… that’s it! No other fine print, no surprises. Take advantage of this opportunity today!

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Read About A Medical Internship in Madrid

Ever wonder what it’s like to participate in one of our internship programs? Well, one of our interns who just wrapped her Medical internship in Madrid documented her experience every step of the way. If you’re curious to see what an intern experience is really like or if you just want to live vicariously through her, take a look at her blog:

Former intern in Barcelona wins Bernard L. Hyink Scholarship

Former accounting intern in Barcelona, Brianna B., won a scholarship with her essay entitled, “Todo Se Arregla.” In her essay, she details the impact her summer internship had on her. “The internship taught me about what I want to do and how I want to live. Business is a complex field, but it is a goal worth working towards, and I wouldn’t be so excited and assured had I not done the internship.”

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Fill-in-the-blank Contest Winners!

Our fill-in-the-blank contest wrapped up last month, congrats to our winners Leighann B. and Debora W. ! We profiled our winners and asked them about their past travels, why they think it’s important to intern overseas, and more.

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Intern Update: Ami S. (Volunteer in Oaxaca | Arts)

“I’ve been very busy tees last few days but I’ve been enjoying Oaxaca and my internship very much! The Spanish classes also were a great way of meeting people. I will go to te Guelaguetza on the 20th and the house is great. La señora Irma has been very welcoming and Rachel is very sweet as well!”

5 Unique Internships To Do Abroad (Part II)

You could maybe get internship placements in these fields in your home country, but we guarantee doing them abroad will give you so much more.

Read about placements in Pharmacy, Information Technology, Journalism & Media, Art, and Archaeology here.

Intern Update:  Katie A. (Chile | Medical/Kinesiology)

“So far my internship is going great! I love my supervisors and the patients that I get to work with. The hands-on experience I’m gaining has been so helpful and I’ve learned so much already! All my supervisors and everyone at the International Center have been nice and welcoming. I really feel at home here :) 

One Month Programs!

For those that are pressed for time but want to get a meaningful experience abroad, we have a solution; one month programs!

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Intern Update: Amanda P. (Madrid | Political Science)

Madrid is continuing to be great! Now that I´ve gotten settled in and adjusted, I feel like more of a local resident than a tourist. I went to Segovia last weekend, and loved it. This weekend we´re going to Barcelona!

Everyone at my internship is really nice, and they are encouraging me to practice my Spanish.

Former Adelante Candidate Adviser Keeping Her Passion For Living Abroad Alive

Rebecca W. blogs about current and past international projects.  She even has some good advice for undergrads about how to go about an experience abroad now that she is “old and wise.” We’re glad to see she is doing what she loves!

Read more about Rebecca here:

How to Market Yourself After an Intern/Study Abroad Experience

Interning and/or studying abroad provides an uncommon wealth of experience that makes you stand head and shoulders above the competition. One of the biggest problems intern/study abroad alums have is how exactly to convey that aspect of themselves to employers. Read this blog to find out how to effectively highlight your experiences and make yourself more attractive to prospective employers.


Webinar #14: The Growing Popularity of the Gap-Year Concept

Gap-year programs are growing in popularity; they are also a feasible alternative to starting college right out of high school. An international experience can give individuals more direction and better prepare them for their impending academic career. Click to watch for more info!

Spotlight: Former Accounting intern in Barcelona, Brianna B.

Brianna did an accounting internship in Barcelona through Adelante and Mira Costa College. Check out this video as she details her experience!

Webinar #13: How to Make Friends Abroad

Making new friends can at times be daunting, even more so while abroad. We have a few pointers on making friends abroad.

Go Overseas Staff Interview: Ryan

Here is our Marketing Coordinator, Ryan C., sharing his thoughts on what’s most rewarding working for Adelante in his staff interview for Go Overseas.

CSULB Study/Intern Expo 2015

We spoke to some future world travelers about their thoughts on why it’s important to intern abroad, why they want to go abroad, and where they would choose to go. Take a look!


Jennifer J., Hampton University

I have really enjoyed my time here in Madrid! I think this has been an amazing learning experience and I have really grown professionally and personally. As far as working with Accenture I would recommend them to other business students. I believe that I am doing meaningful work that will directly correlate to the work I will be doing when I start full-time. Also they do not usually give me busy work, so if they ask me to do something it directly adds value to what the team is trying to achieve. I have had some down-time especially in August, but I was prepared for this and I used this time to strengthen my excel skills or practice Spanish.

As far as the crazy process, I think the process helped me to learn more about how business is conducted in Spain. I am so happy that I made the decision to intern with Adelante and that I was able to work with Accenture. You all have been a big help in making this one of the best summers ever

Jennifer J., Hampton UniversityHampton, Virginia
Chimene C., Royal Holloway University of London

With regards to my psychology placement, I am shaking with excitement to write about this, I am having such a great time in this internship! It has undeniably been a fruitful working experience! I get to apply my knowledge into practical use and more importantly, I have come across a wide spectrum of people that I won’t usually have a chance to meet on daily basis.  I managed to speak with the patients who are diagnosed with mental disorders ranging from anxiety disorder to schizophrenia, and also I have counselling experiences in conjugal therapy; with couples who are going through marital problems. I also get to run diagnostic tests for different patients and interview with them individually on my own. I also have consulting experiences to enter with the doctor and listen to Dr Rojas and Dr Ana’s consultation.

It has definitely been a rewarding experience, I am really grateful that Adelante has offered me this great opportunity to work with Dr. Rojas and other practicians in the clinic as well as an intern that I met during the course of my intern experience. I can’t emphasize more on how grateful I am, many thanks to Adelante. Thank you once again for this valuable experience in Madrid.

Chimene C., Royal Holloway University of London Hong Kong, China