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For those who don’t know, Adelante recently opened a new program site in Quito and Ambato, Ecuador. We’re very excited to not only open a new site but to also provide unique internships in some of the top industries in South America.

Internships in Ecuador are year-round, with program start dates on the first Monday of every month. Housing, meals and two weeks of intensive Spanish language courses are included in program costs as well as some fun excursions during the first two weeks of your program.

We are offering several internship fields for this program, but here are the top five sectors that we picked out as the most unique.

Top Internship Fields in Ecuador

  1. Human Rights Internships

Work with one of our well-established partner institutions that works to defend human rights and women’s rights in the capital of Ecuador. These internships help ensure that the community is providing rightful funds and economic rights while banishing discrimination.

This program is perfect for law students, psychology majors or counselors, but it can be open to anyone interested in assisting local organizations defend human rights.

  1. Veterinary Internships

There are several unique veterinary programs available to our candidates interested in working with animals. These are not just for your average domestic pets – local clinics in Quito can expect to see up to 60 animals (domestic and stray) every day.

But don’t let that scare you! Vet interns will be educated and receive hands-on instruction during their program, something not possible in the United States for undergrads. You’ll be heading home with plenty of experience that you can bring to the table with your degree.

Adelante Abroad also has an Equine Veterinary internship available for those who want to work with horses. The program is very similar to our program in Scotland, with lots of travelling to farms and stables and tasks varying between check-ups, surgeries and even emergency operations.

  1. Marketing Internships

For this internship program, candidates get to work with a successful marketing research firm in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. Big clients include Toyota, Kraft, Bayer and several multinational banks.

This program is perfect for anyone interested in International Business, Marketing, and even IT/Technology. Interns will work with market analysis, consumer and market demographics, and brand strategy. As Ecuador’s infrastructure for total internet access grows, so will more opportunities in social media as well.

This is a perfect mix of traditional marketing and digital marketing for the right candidate.

  1. Medical Internships

Our medical internships in Ecuador are unique because they are centered in a Municipal Hospital in the city of Ambato. This hospital has several openings for various majors, including Medicine, Dermatology, Physical Therapy, and even Psychology.

Unlike the state-run hospital in Quito, we want our interns to join the hospital in Ambato in order to be placed in a less chaotic and more organized environment for them. This gives plenty of opportunities for the doctors, nurses and lab techs to give hands on shadowing!

  1. Work with Street Children

Like our human rights and medical internships, this program is open to candidates with backgrounds in Social Work, Psychology, Teaching English, and Child Development. Successful interns will be self-starters when working with underserved kids in Quito.

Although the neighborhood is a bit rough, the Center for interns to work is spacious, clean and organized. Candidates assist with teaching English, helping children with their homework, and helping the faculty create new activities for the kids on their free time.

Don’t see a sector that you’re searching for? We offer several more unique programs in Ecuador as well as several other locations in South America and Spain.

Apply now for Summer internships! Deadline for the June start dates are now extended through April 15th, and candidates looking for July or August start dates still have plenty of available opportunities before Fall! 

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